Creating a safe path for all between the Skye Bridge and Broadford

See presentations from the update event held on 19 August 2022.

A group of volunteers and representatives from local groups are working together to establish a safe path for all between Kyle of Lochalsh and Broadford.  The path will provide a traffic-free route for walkers and wheelers away from the busy and dangerous main road on to the island.  It will connect communities; encourage greener, active travel; and provide leisure opportunities for local residents and visitors.

The route will re-use much of the old road running alongside the busy A87 and then pass through Breakish to link with future island- wide safe routes.

In January 2019 the group was awarded funding from Transport Scotland via sustainable transport charity Sustrans to undertake surveys and feasibility studies.  Additional funding through Sustrans has enabled the group to employ a part time project officer, consult with residents and user groups, and develop designs. A Future Users Group has been set up to ensure that the path meets the needs of everyone, including disabled users and young people.

The group holds open meetings and volunteer action days when possible and is involved in a number of local community events and activities.

New volunteers are very welcome.  Ways you can get involved include:

    • Helping organise an event
    • Helping with fundraising
    • Help improve access to active travel for less mobile users
    • Helping with administration
    • Publicity and communications

    For more information follow Skye Cycle Way on Facebook: @SkyeBikeRunWalk


    The seven mile stretch of A87 between Broadford and Kyle is a hugely busy road. All Skye Bridge traffic comes this way, including lorries and tourist traffic, and the 60 mph speed limit is often exceeded. While cycling in Skye is increasingly popular, and a more environmentally friendly way to travel for both work and leisure, this is an unpleasant and potentially dangerous route to attempt on two wheels.

    Yet alongside much of this busy road sit remnants of an old road running along the shore – largely now hidden, but with much of the tarmac is still in place under the moss and undergrowth. The group’s vision is to re-use this existing structure and extend it to provide a beautiful, safe and convenient path for all non-motorised users – including cyclists, walkers and runners. In due course this could become the start of a ‘green’ transport network across Skye and Wester Ross.


    Time frame: 2017 – Present

    £1000 Ward Discretionary Fund – Highland Council
    £500 – Member donation                                £218,240 –
    Sustrans Community Links / Places for Everyone programmes funded by the Scottish Government through Transport Scotland

    Location: A87 between Broadford and Kyle

    Benefits to the community: Creating a safe path for all between Broadford and Kyle. Start of a ‘green’ transport network across Skye and Wester Ross.


    Highland Council – Ward Discretionary Fund | Member donation | Sustrans



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