Broadford & Strath Community Company

Who we are and what we do

The Broadford & Strath Community Company was formed in 2003, evolving from the Broadford Environmental Development Group. We are a Scottish Registered Charity and Registered Company limited by guarantee.

The mission of the Company is to improve the natural and built environment of Broadford and Strath, and ensure it is a desirable place in which current and future generations enjoy living, working and spending time.

To achieve these goals Broadford & Strath Community Company aims to be a strong, self-sufficient, strategic, dynamic, inclusive and eco-aware organisation that operates for the social benefit of the whole community.

Over the past 10 years the Company has secured over £2,000,000 of investment for the improvement of amenities and creation of facilities for the benefit of residents and visitors.

To find out more about our work watch this short video from Highlands & Islands Enterprise (opens in Vimeo).


Anyone can become a member of Broadford & Strath Community Company. However, voting rights and eligibility to stand for election are restricted to those on the electoral role in the Broadford and Strath postcode area. Find out how to join.

Fair Work First

Broadford & Strath Community Company adheres to the Scottlsh Government’s Fair Work First policy and our staff are paid the Real Living Wage.



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