Our volunteers make sure that nothing goes to waste.

The Community Fridge reduces waste by sharing excess end of life food from our local Co-op supermarket. When possible we also share fresh produce from the Growers Hub, grown by our Community Gardener.

The Fridge was developed as one of our responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. We were initially approached by the Skye and Lochalsh Community Foodbank, who had been offered surplus food from the Co-op but didn’t have the capacity to distribute it.  We were delighted to step in to help reduce waste in our area, initially through a Food Share and then through the Community Fridge.

Our brilliant volunteers collect the food, open and close the fridge six days a week, and ensure that all health and safety procedures are followed. On average we have at least five large boxes of food every day, and every bit of it goes. We also have a few books and clothes for people to take away.

We would like to thank our volunteers and the Co-op and their staff for their support.


The fridge is located in the centre of Broadford behind Love Skye. It is open Monday – Saturday 11 – 3.  So that everyone can benefit from the fridge we ask that people only take what they need. We always welcome new volunteers.

The fridge project evolved from our community response to the Covid pandemic. From early April 2020 our volunteers picked up excess stock from the Co-op and provided a Food Share at Broadford Village Hall six nights a week. The Food Share was a success and we knew that the project needed to be developed. So with funding support we opened the Community Fridge in a central Broadford location.

We also provide storage space to the Skye and Lochalsh Community Foodbank, a separate independent organisation. Anyone is in food need is advised to contact the Foodbank directly via their Facebook page.

How to get involved

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

More Information

Contact us: mail@broadfordandstrath.org 


Time frame: 2020 – present

Location: Broadford & Strath

Benefits to the community: Reducing food waste; supporting the community during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Thank you to everyone who supported our community during the Covid-19 pandemic…

Special thanks to everyone who supported Broadford and Strath Community Company with their Covid-19 response during 2020-21:

And of course the biggest thank you to the over 100 volunteers who supported the Food and Meal Share and those who continue to support our Community Fridge.  None it of it would be possible without you!

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