Working together to reduce waste and encourage more sustainable consumption across the Highlands.

We are proud to be one of eight community groups across the Highlands chosen to be involved in the Highland Community Waste Partnership.

Across Skye & Raasay we are working with local businesses and communities to establish a range of waste reduction initiatives. One of our main focuses is on supporting businesses to reduce cardboard waste through reuse and recycling, whether that be for growing, fuel or packaging. We area also organising events such as repair and composting workshops, climate cafes, clothes swap events and film nights.

Watch a short video of our business event  ‘Sustainable Skye – Smart Waste Solutions for your Business’ (Vimeo, opens in new tab). The event was held on 14 November 2023 in partnership with Skye Connect.


The three-year project is dedicated to reducing waste and promoting more sustainable consumption as part of Scotland’s Net Zero climate emergency ambitions. It is coordinated by the environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The project focuses on three key areas of waste: Food waste and composting; share & repair instead of buying new; and packaging and single-use items.

Tune in to Radio Skye to hear our Project Officer Janet Ullman talk about waste reduction.

How to get involved

Come along to one of our events: Check the BSCC Facebook page and our News pages for updates. If you have any ideas for waste reduction initiatives or events in your area please get in touch.

More information

Contact the project team, Amy, Emma and Janet:

See also the Highland Community Waste Partnership website and Facebook page


Time frame: 2022 – 2025

Location: Skye and Raasay

Benefits to the community: Helping us all consume and live more sustainably – good for the planet, our health and our pocket.


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