How to book our community hubs

Our Community and Village Halls are the hubs where we gather and organise events. Below you’ll find details for each of them.

Broadford Village Hall

For information and bookings please get in touch with our Booking Clerk, Antony Davies, on 01471822895 or e-mail

  • Clubs – £6 per hour
  • Children’s Parties – £6 per hour
  • Parties and Private Functions (e.g. 21st / 40th etc.) – £100
  • Commercial Sales -£60
  • Licenced Events – please contact Antony*

In case you can’t get hold of Antony here are the Office Bearers:

Chair: John Gilbertson – 07528559046

Vice-chair: Dolac Mackinnon – 01471 822 966

Secretary: Tracy Keenan – 07912352039

Treasurer: Doreen Macphie – 01471 822 744

Elgol Village Hall

For information and prices please visit the Elgol Village Hall website.

Breakish Village Hall

Rates information can be found here or for any other information you may need please get in touch via email



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