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Become a Member of Broadford & Strath Community Company and help us improve and develop our community. 

All Members are invited to our General Meetings, which we strongly encourage you to attend. To become a Member simply complete the relevant form on this page.

If you are on the electoral roll in the Broadford and Strath postcode area you are eligible to be an Ordinary Member. As an Ordinary Member you can vote in our General Meetings and have your say in Company policy and direction. Members who are over 18 are also eligible to stand for election as a Director and nominate others.

If you live outwith the Broadford and Strath postcode area you are eligible to be an Associate Member. You can still contribute but you will not be eligible to vote, stand for election as a Director, or nominate others. Organisations are also invited to become Associate Members.

We also have a Junior Membership  category, open to young people aged 12 to 15. Contact us to find out more.

All Members agree support aims and objectives of the organisation:

  • to improve the natural and built environment of Broadford and Strath and ensure it is a desirable place in which current and future generations enjoy living, working and spending time.
  • to create a strong, self-sufficient, inclusive and eco-friendly organisation that operates for the social benefit of the whole community.

Read our full Articles of Association here.

Complete a form to become a member:


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