Skye Cycle Way Consultation – Breakish to Broadford Section

Nov 13, 2020


Please email us your comments by December 20th

We are currently planning how the Skye Cycle Way active travel path passes through the townships at Breakish to link with the public footpath at Harrapool. We want the design of the path to carry on being community-led, so we’d like to hear your comments on the design proposals. These proposals are at an early stage and we are seeking comments and feedback before proceeding to detailed design.

In March this year we held a community consultation on the three possible route options through Breakish and Waterloo. None of them were straightforward, with each having its own merits and challenges.

After much consideration we concluded that the Committee Road Option would give the best compromise between a quiet, scenic, low-traffic route, and the straightest, most direct route. It was also the route most favoured by public consultees.

Design Proposals

The design proposed for the Committee Road section involves separating cyclists and wheeled users from pedestrians. Cyclists would share the single-track carriageway with motor traffic, and pedestrians would enjoy a new 1.5m wide footpath to be constructed along the verge of the road (mostly on the northern verge).

You can see details of the proposed path in a series of 8 maps starting at the Sleat Road junction, and moving eastwards along the A87 and then down the Committee Road towards Ashaig. These proposals have been produced by our engineering consultants, Arvika Ltd. and landscape architect, Mike Hyatt.

The proposals include ‘place-making’ ideas and features such as cycle cattlegrids, signage and seating areas. Click on the gallery below to see some examples of these on other paths.

To make this single-track road safe for shared use between cyclists and traffic, some modifications to the Committee Road will be required. Currently the road is unclassified and technically the National Speed Limit applies (60 mph!). It has been suggested that introducing a 20 mph speed limit, with some traffic calming measures on straight stretches, would meet best practice design requirements. For instance it should be safe for an unaccompanied 12 year old child to cycle this route on the way to school.

It has been suggested that ‘Local Access Only‘ signage at the entrances could help. We would also need to improve and enlarge passing places, and utilise some property bellmouths and driveway entrances to create enough passing places for vehicles and cyclists to pass safely.

We are aware that these proposals will impact on local residents most directly, but we hope that the positive benefits to everyone’s quality of life and improved safety will outweigh any inconvenience.

We welcome your feedback

You can download individual maps and print them out, or we can post hard copies to you if you request by e-mail to: Please leave us your name and address and say which maps (Nos 1-8) you would like copies of.

We are also endeavouring to make contact by letter with all the residents, landowners and occupiers along the route through Breakish. If we have inadvertently missed you, please accept our apologies; do make us aware by e-mailing the address above, and we will make contact with you.

We would like to hear your thoughts, suggestions and any questions you may have. For instance:

  • Do you think separating cyclists from pedestrians on this stretch is a good compromise? (otherwise we would need to accommodate a 2.5m wide path, essentially doubling the width of the road)
  • With a 20 mph speed limit on the Committee Road would you be happy to allow your children to cycle along it?
  • Could proposals for traffic calming on the straight stretches (eg: road markings, chevrons, visual reminders, or physical features – speed bumps/rumble strips/chicanes) help make this a ‘safe route to school’ for local kids?
  • It has been suggested that it would help to make the Committee Road ‘Local Access Only’ – reducing speculative use by visitors – What do you think about that?
  • We think there could be a great opportunity to make this section of the Skye Cycle Way a local feature, with place-making ideas (seats, rest stops, interpretation, land art etc.) highlighting historic interest and local identity. What do you think? Have a look at some the images we’ve put in the ‘Design Proposals’ section for inspiration.
  • Above all, do you think this is a good idea, and would you and others in your household use it?

You can give us your thoughts and feedback by e-mail to:

When giving your feedback please bear in mind that the path must be suitable for all users including walkers, mobility scooters, wheelchairs and cyclists – both leisure and commuting.

We would be grateful if you could give us your comments by December 20th if possible.

Due to the Covid-19 situation we have been unable to hold a public consultation event to date. We hope to do this in the New Year if guidelines permit. Meanwhile please keep checking our Facebook page for updates:

We also send out email updates from time to time: email us at if you would like to join the mailing list. We will also post important updates on this website.

Thank you!



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