Funding award to support sustainable tourism

May 8, 2024

Award from Circular Communities Scotland will support re-use projects at Camping Skye

Broadford and Strath Community Company has successfully secured funding from Circular Communities Scotland’s Share and Repair Network Tourism Fund. Zero Waste Scotland has commissioned Circular Communities Scotland to administer the fund and BSCC are delighted to receive money for one year for a project to grow sustainability in tourism in our area. The aim of the fund is to use share, repair, or reuse to open possibilities for a more circular approach: reducing the consumption of new goods; avoiding the purchase of goods for single use, and effecting behaviour change.

The project will be spearheaded by the Skye & Raasay Highland Community Waste Partnership (HWCP),  an initiative managed by BSCC to help reduce waste within our community.

The funding grant of £23,562 will enable us to implement a pilot project at Camping Skye (pictured) aimed at promoting environmental stewardship and enhancing the camping experience with this environmental initiative.

The funding will primarily support two key initiatives:

  1. Reusable Pizza & Takeaway Containers Scheme: HCWP will introduce a pioneering reusable pizza box scheme and reusable containers in collaboration with neighbouring cafés and promoting refilling at the local refill shop The Selkie Collective. This initiative aims to reduce single-use waste by providing campers with durable plastic pizza boxes, and eliminating the need for disposable packaging.  The scheme will not only minimise environmental impact but will also promote a culture of reusability within the camping community.
  2. Mini Resource Library: There will also be a mini resource library at Camping Skye, offering a range of tools and resources such as tent repair, binoculars, and nature guidebooks. This initiative encourages resource-sharing among campers, reducing the need for individual ownership and promoting sustainable camping practices.

“We are delighted to receive this funding from Circular Communities Scotland, which will enable us to implement innovative solutions that align with our commitment to sustainability and community empowerment,” said Emma Bee, Waste Officer for the Highland Community Waste Partnership. “These initiatives will not only enhance the camping experience for visitors but also contribute to the preservation of our natural environment.”

HCWP in partnership with BSCC is looking forward to delivering this impactful project. We are very grateful for the generous support we have received from community members, local businesses and stakeholders who have contributed to the development of these initiatives.


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