Local Place Plan for Broadford and Strath

May 20, 2024

Coordinating a community-led plan for our area

Broadford and Strath Community Council and Broadford and Strath Community Company are coordinating a Local Place Plan for Broadford and Strath. Over the next 3 months there will be an opportunity for everyone in our community to get involved and shape this important document. Here we give an overview of what a Local Place Plan is, our timeline for delivering it, and how you can take part. Look out for further updates on our website and social media.

What is a Local Place Plan?

Local Place Plans (LLPs) are community-led plans setting out proposals for the development and use of land. The Scottish Government has introduced Local Place Plans as a way for local communities to think about how to make their place better, to agree priorities, and to work with others, including public authorities and other public sector bodies, to take action for change. Once completed and then registered by the planning authority, they are to be taken into account in the preparation of relevant local development plans. LLPs are part of the Scottish Government’s wider work on planning reform. This reform includes steps to improve community engagement and build public trust in planning matters in our local area.

How can having a Local Place Plan help?

A LPP can help us plan for our future and how our land is developed. It will shape the following:

  • A shared community vision
  • Prioritise and support community projects
  • Improve land use planning
  • Collaborative working between community and local and national government

What might you see in the Local Place Plan?

The following might be considered as development or use of land:

  • Conservation of the natural environment;
  • Retaining, improving, and expanding quality open space and green / blue infrastructure which includes plants, trees, ponds and storm drainage;
  • Creating and improving play facilities;
  • Sites for housing, including affordable housing;
  • Sites for business, including ‘incubator space’ for new businesses;
  • Sites which support climate change and biodiversity adaptation;
  • Promotion of local initiatives such as active travel and community food growing;
  • Improvements to the main settlement and outlying villages;
  • Support for a national development, as featured in the National Planning Framework.

What area will the Local Place Plan cover?

The Local Place Plan covers the Broadford and Strath Community Council area which can be found on the Highland Council website.

Who will develop the Local Place Plan?

We, the Community, will. Broadford and Strath Community Council and Broadford and Strath Community Company will instigate various engagement events which will be carried out as part of the process and will then present a DRAFT Local Place Plan to the Community based on the findings.  In tandem the DRAFT Local Place Plan will be submitted to the Highland Council and elected members for review. A final Local Place Plan will then be submitted to the Highland Council by 27 September 2024.


  • May: Planning
  • May/June: Public engagement including in person meetings and online / paper surveys
  • June: Public engagement and Local Place Plan drafted following consultation
  • July/August: DRAFT Local Place Plan shared with Community, Highland Council and elected members for review
  • August: Finalise Local Place Plan following review
  • September: Local Place Plan ready to be submitted to Highland Council

Would you like to get involved?

The initial working group will involve the Broadford & Strath Community Company and the Broadford & Strath Community Council. However, we would welcome additional support from other community organisations so please email mail@broadfordandstrath.org if you would like to get involved.

The legal bit …

When preparing the Local Place Plan, legally we must refer to the following plans currently in place:

Locality Plans:

Do we have to develop a Local Place Plan for September 2024?

No we don’t. Local Place Plans can be submitted at any time. However, for Local Place Plans to be considered as evidence from the outset of preparing the new Local Development Plan, the Highland Council is required by the Scottish Government to set a deadline by which the LPPs have to be registered.

What happens if we don’t develop a Local Place Plan?

We lose an opportunity to influence the new Local Development Plan (Westplan) which is currently being reviewed.

Any suggestions or questions?

Please get in touch.

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund, via the People and Places Project, is providing support for the development of our Local Place Plan. Broadford & Strath Community Company are also providing match funding. 



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