First meeting to reduce plastic in Broadford & Strath

Feb 13, 2019

What a brilliant night we had for our first meeting to discuss reducing plastic in the area. Lots of brilliant ideas and suggestions and we even ran out of seats!!! 

Broadford and Strath Community Company have been funded by the Climate Challenge Fund to look into potential carbon saving projects and Janet’s role was to find out which projects were the most needed. Consultation provided the answer and the reduction in plastic is absolutely at the top of our list. The full to bursting meeting room on Monday night only emphasised the strength of feeling we have here in Skye and Lochalsh and the desperate want from our communities to reduce and reuse the plastic that is currently polluting our shorelines and land.

Next steps include looking into funding for future projects to help in repurposing and reducing the amount of plastic in our area.  

However in the meantime we can all do our small bit to reduce plastics in our area from filling our ecobricks, to taking three for the sea, to going along to the Great Nurdle Hunt being held in Balmacara on Sunday 17thFebruary.  There will also be a pop up shop for plastic free goods at the Steadings Gallery, Balmacara on Saturday the 16th February from 11am till 5pm.

A number of targeted campaigns were also discussed such as Green Awards for local businesses to lobbying the COOP and Highland Council to stop their use of single use plastic.   We also discussed the need to campaign for water taps to be installed in various areas throughout Skye to and Lochalsh. Again there was lots more discussed but these are a few things that volunteers can be campaigning for now! 

A number of folk expressed an interest in forming a working group to progress “Broadford and Beyond” before any funding is secured.  Anyone who would like to become involved with the working group please email directly and you will be added onto our mailing list. 

Finally have a look at BBC Alba and An La as they reported on our meeting on the 12th February!  

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