COVID19 Response

The COVID19 outbreak has been devastating for us here on Skye and from the outset the first question for every voluntary group was how we could best serve our small, fragile Communities.

So what are we up to at the Broadford and Strath Community Company …..

From early April 2020 our volunteers picked up excess stock from the COOP and provided a Food Share at the Broadford Village Hall.  The Food Share ran from 9.40pm six nights per week.     The Food Share was a success and we knew that the Project needed to be developed so with  funding support we have opened our Community Fridge.  

The Community Fridge is open Monday till Saturday  from 11am till 3pm and is stocked with excess food mostly from the COOP.  Our Community Fridge is run by volunteers so those hours may vary slightly but these are the guaranteed hours.  The Community Foodbank also have storage space in the Community Fridge building.  

On Wednesday afternoons Broadford and Strath Community Company coordinated volunteers who delivered meals to over 110 homes in Broadford and Strath as part of our Meal Share.  Along with the meal was freshly picked salad grown in our Community Allotments at the Growers Hub.

Since we have begun approximately 1500 individuals have benefitted from our Food and Meal Share initiative.  None of this would have been possible without the support of the Community and our numerous Partners.   

We expect the after effects of COVID19 to last for a long time so we plan for continued food growing and food sharing in the Community.  

If anyone would like any information on our Community Fridge please just contact


Time frame: Covid-19 Crisis

Funding: £22,400

Location: Broadford & Strath

Benefits to the community: Supporting the Community through the COVID19 Outbreak  

Thanks to those who have supported the Broadford and Strath Community Company to date… 

Special thanks to those who have supported Broadford and Strath Community Company with their COVID19 Response to date:

And of course the biggest thank you to the over 100 Volunteers who have supported the Food and Meal Share so far.  None it of it would be possible without you!


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